There's a small L.A.-based cafe chain called Coffee Commissary. It could just focus on third-wave coffee service. But they've decided to offer really excellent food, too. Their head pastry chef, Naomi Shim (pictured above), seems to be the guiding force behind all this kitchen creativity. She works out of the Burbank location, and everyone is the surrounding offices is eternally grateful. Here she shares with us her financier recipe, a simple, delightful tea cake that is mostly butter and egg whites and fruit.

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March 12, 2014

At this minimalist Fairfax cafe, find heavy tunes and stellar cups of coffee sourced from a who’s who roster of West Coast roasters (Seattle’s Victrola Coffee Roasters, Portland’s Coava, Sacramento’s Temple Coffee).



January 25, 2014

Traditionally, a Cubano is a Cuban-inspired espresso drink sweetened with Demerara sugar. Normally, the sweetness helps to balance what is almost always acrid, dark roast coffee. Miami is the clearly United States capital for these drinks, and they’re probably still popular in Havana as well, though I haven’t personally been behind Castro’s curtain yet. At the new, multi-faceted branch of Coffee Commissary, which showcases a sleek steel and wood design across the street from NBC and Clear Channel in Burbank, the Cubano might not be recognizable to Cubans, and that’s probably a good thing.


Coffee Commissary Gets Ziggy With
It In Burbank, LA EATER

October 1, 2013

Coffee Commissary gets its third outlet in Burbank after buzzing up Fairfax and Siren Studios. Originally an Orange Julius shack and a former Peruvian restaurant, Tyler King brought a swell angular design that features gray, white, and orange colors zig zags that might enough to send the coffee geek into a caffeinated bliss. On site, expect house-based goods (think bacon quiche), free wifi, patio seating, and even a pay phone, for those evading the government. For brews, find expertly pulled espresso by Coava Coffee in Portland, as well as hand-drip pourover coffee. So, Burbank finally gets its third wave, hipster coffee shop. Hours run 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., plenty of time for aspiring screenwriters to keep their laptops on.
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August 24, 2011

Serious coffee, with style to spare. Order a frothy latte and sit outside, or stand at the counter and down a shot of single-origin espresso pulled on a Strada. Beans are from Portland’s Coava Coffee Roasters, San Francisco’s Sightglass Coffee Roasters and Seattle’s Victrola Coffee Roasters.